audioTrackAdd'audioTrackadd'N/AEmitted when audio track is added to the queue
audioTrackRemove'audioTrackRemove'N/AEmitted when audio track is removed from the queue
audioTracksAdd'audioTracksAdd'N/AEmitted when audio tracks were added to the queue
audioTracksRemove'audioTracksRemove'N/AEmitted when audio tracks are removed from the queue
connection'connection'N/AEmitted when a connection is created
debug'debug'N/AEmitted when the queue sends a debug info
disconnect'disconnect'N/AEmitted when the bot is disconnected from the channel
emptyChannel'emptyChannel'N/AEmitted when the voice channel is empty
emptyQueue'emptyQueue'N/AEmitted when the queue is empty
error'error'N/AEmitted when the queue encounters error
playerError'playerError'N/AEmitted when the audio player errors while streaming audio track
playerFinish'playerFinish'N/AEmitted when the audio player finishes streaming audio track
playerSkip'playerSkip'N/AEmitted when the audio player skips current track
playerStart'playerStart'N/AEmitted when the audio player starts streaming audio track
playerTrigger'playerTrigger'N/AEmitted when the audio player is triggered
voiceStateUpdate'voiceStateUpdate'N/AEmitted when the voice state is updated. Consuming this event may disable default voice state update handler if